All Parameters

General Parameters

VerboseMode: (VM): Controls text output to the console
ReportMode: (RM): Controls writing of report files
ProjectionRatio (PJ): controls details of report files
HtmlImages (HI): Controls the embedding of images into the report
Language: (LG): Choose English or German language
IterativeWarp: (IW): Number of iterations for correction
StopAtError: (SE): Controls the stopping behaviour
WriteDataBase: (DB): Controls the writing of a list of images
ListofImages: (LI): File name of the list of images

Input Parameters

InputMode (IM): Determination of the search strategy
IncludeSubdirs (IN): Extended search also in subdirectories
PathofImages (PM): Name of the path of input images
RootDirectory (RD): Root directory for relative path of images
ImageType (IT): Filter for image formats
ExifTimeTolerance (TT): Time tolerance for image pairing
RenameOrphans (RO): Renaming control of orphan images
RenameRefused (RU): Renaming control of refused images
LeftFileName (LF): Name of the left image
RightFileName (RF): Name of the right image
StereoFileName (SF): Name of the stereo image
StereoImageInput (SI): Two single images or stereoimage as input
DeviationTarget (DA): Deviation target for 2D->3D conversion
DepthMaskOffset (DO): Scenery shift for 2D->3D conversion
DepthMaskNonlin (DE): Non linear Distortion for 2D->3D conversion
DepthMaskNLType (DL): Type of nonlinearity for 2D->3D conversion
InverseInput (II): Changes left and right input image
RotMirInputLeft (RL): Rotates and mirrors the left input
RotMirInputRight (RR): Rotates and mirrors the right input
CroppInput (CP): Treatment of images with different sizes
PreSettings (PS): Manual presets for Previewer parameter
Passepartout (PP): Tell Cosima whether image has frames
PasseColorRed (PR): Red color for frame search
PasseColorGreen (PG): Green color for frame search
PasseColorBlue (PB): Blue color for frame search
PasseTolerance (PT): Tolerance threshold for frame recognition

Output Parameters

PathofOutput (PA): Output image directory
LeftRightOutput (LR): Stores two single images
StereoOutput (SO): Stores one side-by-side stereo image
AnaglyphOutput (AO): Stores as anaglyph images
ExtraOutput (EX): Additional output for special purposes
MakeAV (AV): Creation of image show
OutputFormat (OF): Setting the graphic format
CMYK_Profile (CM): Name of a CMYK profile
CompressBitmap (CO): Compression method for tig and png
JPG_Quality (JQ): Quality of jpeg images
IrfanSharpen (IS): Intensity for post-sharpening
IdentOutputDir (ID): Identification marker for the output directory
StampFiles (ST): Stamping deviation and time into filename
DeviationThresh (DT): Threshold for sorting out images
CroppOutput (CR): Method for output cropping
OutputHeight (OH): Wanted height of output image
OutputWidth (OW): Wanted width of output image
RotMirOutputLeft (ML): Rotates and mirrors the left output
RotMirOutputRight (MR): Rotates and mirrors the right output
InterpolationMode (IP): Controls method of image interpolation
GammaCorrection (GA): Power factor for gamma correction
InverseOutput (IO): Changes left and right output image
FillHeight (FH): Filling with frame to a given the height
FillWidth (FW): Filling with frame to a given the width
FrameTop (FT): Frame broadness at the top
FrameBottom (FM): Frame broadness at the bottom
FrameLeftRight (FL): Frame broadness left and right
FrameCentral (FC): Frame broadness inbetween the two images
FrameFloating (FA): Floating stereo window
AutoFrameFloating (AR): Floating stereo window for far point distance = 1/30 image width
FloatingTarget (FE): Extended setting for AutoFrameFloating
FrameColorRed (FR): Red color of the frame
FrameColorGreen (FG): Green color of the frame
FrameColorBlue (FB): Blue color of the frame
ThinBlackLine (TB): Strength of a thin black line

Equalizing Parameters

EstimateGeometry (EG): Correction according actual/earlier estimation
ApplyLeftRight (AL): Correct left, right or both images
EstimateVergence_V (EV): Activate correction of vertical vergence errors
EstimateVergence_H (EE): Activate correction of horizontal vergence errors
UseHeight (UH): Given value for correction of height
UseSize (US): Given value for correction of size
UseRotation (UR): Given value for correction of rotation
UseVergence_V (UV): Given value for correction of vertical keystone
UseVergence_H (UE): Given value for correction of horizontal keystone
WindowOffset (WO): Additional offset for stereo window
WinOffReference (WR): Reference of the additional window shift in WindowOffset
EstimateWindow (EW): Method for setting the stereo window
FarPointLimit (FP): Threshold for far point disparity
InitialEstimation (IE): Initial values for the estimation of image errors
AutoOutputContrast (OC): Controls contrast and/or color correction
AutoGammaAdjust (AG): Gamma correction
AutoGhostBust (AB): Suppression of ghosting images
ColorLeftRight (CL): Apply color correction left, right or both
ExtColorManagement (EC): External color management
ECM_FileName (EF): Name of the external color management file

Video Parameters

VideoOutput (VO): Stereo layout for created videos
VideoContainer (VC): Video container selection
VideoCodec (CC): Selection of AVI video codec
VideoQuality (VQ): Video quality for MP4 container
AudioSource (AS): Slecetion for the audio stream
AviFramerate (AF): Amount of wanted frames per second
FirstFrameIndex (FX): Index of the first frame
FrameIncrement (FK): Frame increment for the resulting vide
LastFrameIndex (LA): Index of the last frame
StartforAnalyse (SR): First analysis frame
AnalyseIncrement (AI): Increment of analysis
EndforAnalyse (EA): Last analysis frame
FrameOffset (FO): Adjustment of frame offsets
AutoFrameOffset (AE): Automatic adjustment of frame offsets
SmoothGeometryCorr (SG): Averaging method for geometric errors
SmoothWindowCorr (SW): Averaging method for for stereo window
SmoothFlicker (FF): Filter to supress flicker
SetWindowbyZoom (SZ): Shift of stereo window depending on zoom
InterlacedMode (IL): Method for Deinterlacing
FirstLineIndex (FI): Index of the first interlaced line
DeshakeMethod (DM): Method for video stabilizing
DeshakeZoomMax (DZ): Maximum zoom scaling factor
DeshakeFilterX (SX): Filter factor in x direction
DeshakeFilterY (SY): Filter factor in y direction
DeshakeFilterR (DR): Filter factor for rotation
DeshakeFilterXUse (UX): Aktivating/deactivating x filter
DeshakeFilterYUse (UY): Aktivating/deactivating y filter
DeshakeFilterRUse (VR): Aktivating/deactivating rotations filter
SynchronizeDeshake (SD): Deshaking synchronizing for twins

Anaglyph Parameters

AnaglyphType (AT): Selection of anaglyph method
Brightness (BN): Anaglyph brightness
DensityAna (DN): Anaglyph contrast
RedBalance (RB): Red color control
GreenBalance (GB): Green color control
BlueBalance (BB): Blue color control
GammaRed (GR): Gamma value red
GammaCyan (GC): Gamma value cyan

External Parameters

PathofIrfanView (PI): Path, where IrfanView is instaleld
PreViewerActive (RV): Activates the Cosima Previewer
PostViewerActive (OV): Activates the Cosima Postviewer
MaxViewerSize (MV): Maximum width of the viewer windows
MetaTransfer (MT): Controls the transfer of META information
DotsPerInch_x (DX): Pixel per Inch for Exif entry
DotsPerInch_y (DY): Pixel per Inch for Exif entry
CaptionText (CA): Text to print into the frame below the image
ImageText (IX): Text to print into the image
SmartTextBackGr (SB): Half transparent ImageText
ExifCopyright (EO): Set Copyright into Exif entry
DoPostCosima (DP): Batch commandos after COSIMA run