Creation of 3D-Videos for DGS congresses (and other stereo meetings)

To get optimal prerequisites to playback 3D videos at the DGS congresses, they should

  1. be created with SBS layout (side-by-side without squeezing),
  2. get a resolution of 1920x1080 pixel (for each side, so in total 3840x1080), and
  3. should be encoded using the X.264-Codec with a maximum bitrate of 20MBit/s for the complete SBS video.
    (Of cource, other codecs may work also, though the X.264 has been proven with numerous tests.
    Also, there is a suitable decoder installed on the DGS video server.)
  4. Please mark Zero Latency at the configuration window, otherwise synchronisation problems between audio and video may occur.

All needed settings are enclosed in this Cosima projekt file VideotoDGS_16-9.ini.

These are in Detail:

Your further steps:

If you have 4:3 raw material, change the following parameters:

Another hint: If you have once configured your codec settings,
you may set from now on AviCodec = X264, because all codec settings will be automatically stored.
There is no longer at each Cosima start a query of the video codec.

General questions please ask to the Cosima Forum, special questions to

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