Ordering a COSIMA license

Please test Cosima thoroughly, before you buy licenses!

Only 5 easy steps to get a COSIMA license:

1.) Please fill in your email adress:

Your email addresse:

2.) Please fill in your name:

Family name: First name:

3.) Fill in one or two usernames, for which you want to get license keys. Cosima will show the Windows *Logon User Name* and ask for the provided license key that goes with it. So fill in the username you are known by the Windows Operating system. If you don't know exactly what to fill in, please start the Cosima Gui and use the username as printed in the menu "Help - Licensing Cosima...".
The second username is not mandatory and can be ordered later at any time. Please consider upper and lower case characters.

1. Username: (please not Administrator, Admin, Guest or similar)
2. Username: (please not Administrator, Admin, Guest or similar)

4.) Please choose your preferred method of payment by pressing the radio button:

Bank Account. If you choose this alternative, I will send to you the BIC/IBAN code of my bank account. This is free of charge for European payment transactions.
PayPal. I will send to you a PayPal money request. You can pay in every currency you like and PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards.

5.) With pressing the following button, the text of this form will be sended.

Right of cancellation: The customer has the unconditioned right of cancelling the order up to the time, when the license key has been sended. For declaration an order cancellation it is sufficient to send an email to cosima@herbig-3d.de. So far payed money will be payed back without any reduces. Only the bank fees (e.g. PayPal fees) have to be carried by the customer. Because a customer specifically build license key cannot given back from it's nature, an order cancelling is not possibly after the moment of sending the license keys.

I have noticed the advice of rights of order cancellation.

The invoice amount is: Euro.

After reception of your order you get a confirmation with details of the payment transactions, normally not later than 24h, at latest after 2 days.

This form is hosted by the formular-chef.

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