Please save original images in any case beforehand. The modification of original images is always connected with a residual risk!!!

Cosima Rating and Cosima Sorting are two independent software tools, Cosima Rating to rate and Cosima Sorting to sort stereo images. But both tools have a common user interface Cosima Rating Gui, which can serve both software parts. A checkbox at the top of the Gui decides whether Rating or Sorting is active.

Cosima Rating - Overview:

Section PathofImages

Section Rating/DisplayMode

Section Messages

Key commands during image display:

Notes for operation: During a rating session, the taskbar and desktop background are disabled and the focus is kept on the image display window. Other program windows remain open, but are no longer operable.

When scrolling, the preceding/past images are preloaded. During this loading process it is not possible to scroll further. The input is then blocked and a signal tone reports rejected and disregarded commands. This occurs, for example, if the space key or the backspace key is pressed 3 times in quick succession.

The left and right arrow keys can be used to change the display disparity in the range [-30:30] per mille (window offset). This offset value is displayed in green font color at the bottom right.

The automatic player (picture show) is automatically activated, if a time of at least 1 second is entered in the "Waiting time" field. The P key is used to stop and restart the player. During a picture show, the frame counter is displayed at the bottom left in yellow font color.

If a minimum rating is set with Ctrl 0-5, only images with at least this minimum rating are displayed. The display at the bottom right then changes to: <Rating>/<Minimum Rating> in yellow font color. This also works with the automatic player. The Home and End keys ignore the setting of a rating minimum.

Depth masks: In the "Original PathofImages" directory, smartphone portrait images with embedded depth masks are automatically recognized. For an SBS layout with RGB on the left and depth mask on the right, the identifier "_RGBD" is expected. The processing is very slow and requires patience. With the key D (like Deviation) the target deviation can be changed. The image will be recalculated each time, this also requires patience! In this case, the deviation is displayed in cyan font color in the range [-30:30] per mille in the lower right corner. is displayed. D decreases the deviation Shift-D increases it.

Database/Editor Window

When exiting Cosima Rating, a csv file cosima_rating.csv with all file names is created in the PathofImages directory, the ratings and an optional text comment in the following format:
<consecutive number>; <file name without path>; <rating>; <max. 255 characters comment> (one line per image).
This csv file can be opened and further processed directly with any spreadsheet software (Excel, OpenOffice Calc ...).

Screenshot Cosima Rating

Cosima Sorting - Overview:

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Section Sorting

Section Sorting Options

Installation and Start: