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==== Analysing Report from Cosima 0.9h - Copyright Gerhard P. Herbig =====

Cosima is a program for the automatic correction of stereo images.
This software has been licensed for: peter
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Wed Feb 01 20:00:15 2012

In total 1 object/objects found for mounting.

Image no. 1/1:


left  right

Error analysis:
Mean error of height = 16 pixel (right image upturned)
Mean error of size = 0.44 percent (right image oversized)
Mean error of rotation = 0.089 degrees (approx. identical rotation)
Mean error of vergence_v = 0.82 degrees (convergent shooting axes)
Mean error of vergence_h = -0.069 degrees (approx. equal shooting levels)
Near point disparity = 8 pixel (near point behind stereo window)

Image analysis after the last iteration:
Mean error of height = -0.13 pixel
Mean error of size = 0.072 percent
Mean error of rotation = 0.013 degrees
Mean error of vergence_v =-0.0042 degrees
Mean error of vergence_h = 0.0087 degrees

Stereo window after the correction:
Far point disparity = 70 pixel
Near point disparity = 8 pixel
Absolute deviation = 62 pixel
Relative deviation = 1/28 of the image width
...= 36 promille

The resulting image shows a width-to-height ratio of 1.62 and shouldn't exceed the relative deviation of 27.47 promille.

Deviation is critical for huge projection! Image suited for prints!

Near point close behind the stereo window, favourable stereo mounting.

Warning: critical far point distance, please avoid huge projection - or adjust projectors to set the stereo window in front of the screen!

Cosima finished, processed images: 1/1

================ End of Analysing Report Cosima 0.9h =================